KML Downloads

Requires Google Earth

Google Earth Web Instructions
  1. Download the file(s) above
  2. For files provided in ZIP format, extract the files to the folder of your choice (if provided as KML you can skip this step)
  3. Go to the Google Earth Web site
  4. Click the Hamburger menu in the top-left, click ‘Settings’ and enable KML file import
  5. Click ‘Save’, then click on ‘My Places’ on the left sidebar, click ‘Import KML File’ then ‘Open file…’ from the dropdown.
  6. Navigate to where the file you downloaded from this page ended up/extracted, and select the KML file you would like to view.
  7. Once imported, you can interact with the map
  8. When done, you can either save the KML data into ‘My Places’ to access later or discard if you wish to not save it.