Sean Husheer
  • Three decades experience in vegetation monitoring. Over two thousand plots measured and two hundred reports written.
  • Vegetation plot measurement, data analysis, report production and sampling design. Employing up to ten field- and office-based staff.
  • Experienced off-road driver (three decades), first aid (trained ambulance driver), mechanic and pilot (2000 hours heli and fixed wing)
  • Data analysis and statistical modeling in R. Download CV


Elizabeth Husheer
  • Office support, field work assistant and data entry
  • Botanical artist
  • Trained fine dining chef and camp cook



Graeme Jane
  • Expert in botany and vascular plant identification. Online flora production.
  • New Zealand Forest Service, 1969–1987 Environmental Forester. DOC Nelson, 1987–1998.
  • Compilation and administration of plant species lists.
    Download CV


Emiliana Guerra
  • A decade of field botany and vascular plant identification.
  • Seasonal fieldwork with NZFS since 2011.
  • National University of La Plata (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, UNLP).



Chris Cosslett
  • One decade seasonal plot measurement experience with NZFS
  • Reserve management
  • Download CV



Roland Payne


Pavel Aberle
  • Computing, GIS and image analysis
  • Expert in computer network security